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The History of Pilkington Oils

With a rich history spanning over six decades as a local, family-operated business, we understand the significance of having a dependable fuel and lubricant provider. Whether you’re interested in Fuels or Lubricants or require urgent commercial fuel deliveries, we are available around the clock, ready to ensure your business remains fuelled and your residence stays comfortably warm, day and night.


R Pilkington (Coal Merchants) was established

R Pilkington (Coal Merchants) was established in 1960 by Ronnie and Sheila Pilkington as a trusted local supplier of coal bags to the Chorley and district area. As times changed and demand dropped for coal as a source of home heat Ronnie and Sheila diversified into the liquid fuels and lubricants sector and Pilkington Oils was established.

Ronnie and Sheila continued to run and grow the business

Ronnie and Sheila continued to run and grow the business until their retirement in 2006. They are still involved in Pilkington Oils at the young age of 93.


Matt Pilkington joined Pilkington Oils in 1992

Matt Pilkington joined Pilkington Oils in 1992 working for his parents in all aspects of the business starting as a yard operative, progressing to delivery driver, then taking over the responsibility for office accounting until he took over ownership of the business in full with his parents retirement in 2006. Matt and the team at Pilkington Oils continue to embrace the family and core values of the business to ensure a 1st class and reliable customer experience.


Gary Byers joined the Pilkington Oils family

In 2021 Pilkington Oils welcomed a new partner.  Gary Byers joined the Pilkington Oils family bringing along 35 years of invaluable knowledge and experience from the Fuel and Lubricants industry.  Gary’s direct involvement and hands on approach along with the values Pilkington Oils embrace have been a major influencing force in us being awarded authorised distributorships for Shell, Q8, ENEOS (sole supplier for UK & Ireland)  adding to our own portfolio of fuels, oils, lubricants and much, much more.



In 2022 and 2023 we have invested in the business due to continued success and growth.  New additions have been made to the Pilkington family and to our fleet of vehicles keeping up with demand as our client base grows in the varying sectors we service in the North West of England and Nationally.

We are on an exciting journey, continually growing and always aiming to improve.

Our Core Values

Our core values at Pilkingotn Oils are integral to our commitment in delivering exceptional customer service. These values serve as the guiding principles that shape our interactions, decisions, and approach to meeting customer needs.

They ensure that every step we take, from communication and problem-solving to innovation and adaptability, is aligned with our fundamental beliefs. By adhering to these values, we create a culture that emphasises honesty, integrity, reliability, responsibility, loyalty, commitment, respect, and continuous improvement, resulting in a customer-centric environment where outstanding service is not just a goal, but a standard.

Our core values provide the framework for building strong relationships, fostering trust, and consistently exceeding customer expectations, ultimately driving the success of our customer service initiatives.

Continuous Improvement

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Frequently asked questions

1. Why do I need to request a quote for fuel and oil instead of finding a fixed price on the webpage?

Fuel and oil prices can vary based on factors like market fluctuations, transportation costs, and the quantity required. To offer you the most accurate and competitive price for your specific needs, we provide personalised quotes.

2. How can I request a quote for the fuel or oil I need?

Requesting a quote is simple. You can either fill out the online inquiry form or contact our customer service team directly via phone or email. Provide the details of your requirements, and we will get back to you with a customised quote.

3. Can I get a quote for bulk purchases of fuel and oil?

Absolutely! Whether you need a small quantity or bulk orders, we can provide you with tailored quotes that cater to your specific purchase volume.

4. How long does it take to receive a quote after making a request?

We strive to respond to all quote requests promptly. In most cases, you can expect to receive your personalised quote the same working day as submitting your inquiry.

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